Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Everything is going great... Calf is feeling good, still hammering out 400 and 800's on Tuesdays, tempo run either Thursday or Friday and something long on Sunday. Will try to be more detailed this week with the workouts. Three weeks until my next race which I hope will be the start of good things to come. I may jump in a 4 mile race the week before, don't know yet. Starting to get hotter and hotter each day it seems. High of 89 today and 92 tomorrow... Historically, I'm able to handle handle the hot stuff pretty good and perform ok as compared to others so no worries on that issue, yet...

Kudo's out to my good bud Mike Henry who competed at CDE over the weekend and went 10:34 with a 3:27 marathon.

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