Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One word for today.. HOT.

am) 7 miles

I felt like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz as she was yelling out "I'm Melting, I'm Melting..." That's exactly how I felt while in the middle of a set of 12 x 400's. I wanted so desperately to find a big lake to jump in to cool off. Dumping water over my head was only temporary relief. I managed to get through the entire set, but really felt whooped afterward. Although the effort for all 12 was sustainable (1:23 - 1:25) and felt really good during, the heat started to sap my strength during the warm-down. I'll hydrate back up during the last half of work here and try to get in an easy 4 or 5 tonight to loosen everything up.

pm) 4 miles easy...


Jeff said...

Yep, I feel like we were just in a nice cool Spring and now Summer is on in full force.

GZ said...

Warm here too! I know some guys ice bath BEFORE the runs to help.