Friday, June 5, 2009

Not much to blog about these days... All is going well on the training front. Decided not to run the half marathon in South Bend this weekend. I just don't think it fits into the overall scheme of things right now. I'd rather put in something short and fast or long and slow right now.

I've been reading up on a masters runner named Pete Magill, the guy is still laying down smack and kicking it at age 48... he's already run a 14:49 5k this year.. amazing!

Next attempt at a race is in 4 weeks on the 4th of July. The Firecraker 4 is run over and around the local childrens zoo.. It's got a mix of almost everything, hills, cross country, pavement, tree covered and open air... looking forward to this one. This race usually brings out a lot of fast high school kids as the HS track season ends this weekend, so there looking to showcase some of the speed they still have.

Speaking of HS track, like I said, the finals are this weekend down in Bloomington. Below is a picture I took of Robbie Kleber and James Martin when I was down at the TRRC when Brian Sell showed up last year to run the Parade Race. Robbie(left) has a good chance at a top 3 in the state in the 1600 and James(right) a very, very good chance to be state champion in the 3200. Good luck to both of them!

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Paul said...

I was thinking of doing that Zoo race as well this year.