Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6/9/09 - am)7 miles.. an easy warm-up then 12 x 400's, 1:24 - 1:29 with a walking cool down. These felt awesome! Each week I'd like to progressively knock off 1-2 seconds per quarter up through my July 11th race which I think is pretty doable.

Starting to feel a bit of normality in my running again. Over the last few months, I've just been all over the place with my training, deciding whether or not to run another marathon to qualify, well if not a marathon then a half marathon, if not a half marathon then a 5k... come on already, just make up your mind and get with it. I really only have three races left this year that I really want to "focus" on. The 5k race here in another 5 weeks, a half marathon in September and the Indianapolis Marathon in October. Any other race I do is just going to be fluff.

I plan on going out again this evening for an easy recovery run...

pm) 5 miles easy, very humid.


Jeff said...

What kind of recovery are you doing on your 400's? Will you move to specific endurance stuff like 6 x 800M or 5 x 1000M (at race pace) as you get close to your 5K?

Ward said...

Jeff - recoveries are ~60 to 90s.. enough to where I feel I can go again. Recovery pace is ~7:30. My objective is to take the pace just above LT then just under for recoveries, but the recoveries are not "complete".

You nailed it on the specifics.. I'll stick with qtr's for another couple of weeks then start in with 800's, then more than likely 1200-1600 repeats to finish it up... Of course there will be a tempo run every week and something longer as well... I can't stray to far from the long stuff as I only have about 18 weeks until the Indy Marathon!