Friday, June 12, 2009

6/10/09 - 6 miles easy, pure recovery.

6/11/09 - 5 miles easy w/6 x 20s pick ups toward the end. Normally I would have gotten in an evening run, but had too many thing to do when I got home from work.

6/12/09 - 6 miles, w/3 miles @ tempo 6:29, 6:27, 6:19.. 1 mile warm down at the end of this.. these felt very comfortable. Pace was smooth and relaxed. Very happy with how things are starting to shape up now. This is where I usually start to get into trouble, I'm thinking things are going well so I should start to hammer.. hammer.. hammer. That was my first thought after my 1st tempo mile today, that 6:29 felt effortless and I really wanted to pick it up and make myself suffer.. hold back.. take it easy, try to stay consistent I kept reminding myself. You don't want to fry your calf again or something worse!!! The speed will come, just give it time. Little gains, not big jumps...

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