Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, Sunday was a wash. Again, I just couldn't find time to get my run in..*weak excuse*.. I really don't see how I could (or should) run a marathon in 3 weeks.. I think I will opt for the half marathon instead and hold off on the marathon until fall, which is probably my better (and smarter) option. I can now turn my focus on running a fast 5k on July 11th at the Runners On Parade 5k. This was the race that Brian Sell ran (excuse me..jogged) last year. My bigger focus will be to stay injury free through the summer so I can have a productive fall. I plan on racing quite a bit through the summer with numerous 5 and 10k's... It seems that the more I race, the faster I get. I'm also looking forward to running a fast half on September 26th.

The plan now is to run the Indianapolis marathon on October 17th to requalify for Boston.

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