Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5//27/09 - 7m.. this was neither easy or hard.. somewhere in the middle. This was my inaugural run with my new racing flats, Nike Lunar Racers.. This is one of those shoes that just felt "right" when I laced it up. It has VERY good cushioning, but yet somehow manages to feel responsive at the same time. It's been a long time since I've worn a shoe that truly felt different in a good way......and this one definitely qualifies for me in that respect. Very lightweight....5.5 oz. I think. My only complaint so far.....and I've only worn them once, so I'm not sure of this yet but the upper may not be as breathable as I would like, which is a little surprising since the upper is made of some new sort of material which is so thin you can see thru it. Only time will tell if these will be a good fit for me. So far so good however...

It's raining like cat's and dog's right now and I'm too lazy to hop on the gerbill wheel, so no eve run for me today. That's ok though... I plan on running around 14 tomorrow. Should end up getting around 70 for the week if I stay on track.

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