Thursday, May 21, 2009

5/21/09 - 8m easy, again another warm one this afternoon... became very dehydrated toward the end of this. I took a new route for a change, instead of venturing into the state park, I took a left before I got to the entrance and ran along the north east edge.

A few pic's I found of the state park...

There was a somewhat moderate west wind so there was a lot of "dead wind" running out which made it very warm during miles 3 and 4, once I made the turnaround I at least had some headwind to keep me a little cooler, but still there was not a cloud in the sky and my sun burned shoulders from yesterday didn't like the fact that I was subjecting them to another blast of radiation... As long as I can get enough H2O in me this afternoon and I have the motivation, I still want to get out and run some more this evening.

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