Thursday, April 2, 2009

After recent events with my calf, this morning I got to thinking about chances… Webster’s defines chance as:

1 a: something that happens unpredictably without discernible human intention or observable cause b: the assumed impersonal purposeless determiner of unaccountable happenings : LUCK c: the fortuitous or incalculable element in existence.

How many chances do we get to do what we want to? Sometimes it may be only a single chance. So I asked myself, do I take the chance and do this “thing” or wait until the opportunity presents itself again? I guess it all depends on what this “thing” is. Maybe it’s to do a race you’ve always wanted to do, for me that’s the Boston Marathon. Who knows if I’ll ever get the chance to do it again? Life is funny sometimes, maybe I twist an ankle, break a leg, get sick etc...

You only get one chance to raise your kids, there is no mulligan. Going to that first ball game, that first track meet… Going camping and fishing and teaching them how to bait a hook, the simple things that mean so much when they get older. One chance… Leading by example, instilling the values that are so important later as they get to be teenagers… Teaching your sons what it means to be a godly man and how to treat and respect women. One chance… I don’t want to be 65 years old and look back on what I’ve accomplished in life and think, I should have done this better or that different. I don’t want to be on my death bed telling my sons that I should have spent more time with them while they were young or my wife how much she means to me.

There’s no guarantee that any of us will be around tomorrow. EVERYTHING you do now has repercussions later... Cause and Effect… one chance… You only get just one time around, you only get one shot at life, one chance to find out that the one thing you don’t want to miss. One day when it’s all said and done, I hope you see that it was enough. One chance, one ride, one life to love…

So live life to the fullest, take chances, you’ll never know if you’ll get to be able to do them again. Who knows, with 17 days left, a lot could happen during that time, and I may not make it to the starting line in Hopkinton, but at least I’m willing to take the chance.