Friday, April 3, 2009

4/1/09 - Easy 6m

4/2/09 - 10.25m w/4 x 1m and 4 x 800 repeats..

At the begining of the week when Tim gave me this weeks schedule, this was the workout I was most worried about. But after the 1st mile repeat, I was feeling good and more relaxed about completing the rest of the session. Mile repeats @ 6:44, 800's in 3:15-3:20. The key to this workout were the length and pace of the RI's.

4/3/09 - 4m easy

I got in my Skins compression socks mid week and have been wearing them for all my workouts... They feel great and very comfortable. Aside from having to field 20 questions from the Gym gerbils about what they are, I think they'll be a great addition to my calf rehab. I bought some Skins compression full tights on Ebay as well, but I got them from a place in England, but I couldn't pass up the deal. I may be waiting a couple of weeks for them. As long as they get here before I leave for Boston, I'll be good to go.

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