Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3/30/09 - rest day

3/31/09 - 9 mile progression run.. I wasn't sure how this was going to go since I haven't run "fast" since I twinged my calf. 1st 3 below HR 150, next 3 HR 150-160, 7:30, 7:21, 7:08.. last 3 at HR 160-165.. 7:01, 6:58, 6:57... I've lost a little bit of speed, but not to concerned about it right now. I'm just glad the calf is holding together and feeling good. Today is an easy 6 then Thursday is a tougher 10 mile run with mile and 1/2 mile repeats.

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GZ said...

Two weeks to prime up the engine, top it off and hit the line. You are going to nail it.