Friday, March 13, 2009

Great run yesterday.. 2 miles easy, progressing as I loosened. Last mile w/4 x 1' efforts at 6:58.. main set: 2 x (1m 6:40-6:45, 800 in 3:45, 2m 13:20-13:25, 800 in 3:45) The first set miles were 6:38, 6:35 and 6:33(13:08). The second set miles were 6:35, 6:29 and 6:27(12:56), elevation set at .5% for all of this. All felt very comfortable and relaxed, maybe a PE of 6-7. No HRM for these, just went by pace. The motivation seems to be back and I'm definitley feeling great... an easy one today and a progression run Saturday. Weather is starting to get a bit warmer so it will be a little easier to get outside instead of slogging on the t'mill.

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