Monday, March 30, 2009

3/28/09 - 6 miles, easy, 7:15/m avg

3/29/09 - 11.5 miles, easy, 7:44/m avg

All in all, things are looking up... No pain, no soreness today. This week will absolutley make or break me...

On a side note, I got my Boston bib number and check-in info in the mail last week.


Paul said...

Ward, Stay positive. A week off can sometimes be just the thing we need to have our best races. Don't think this week will make or break your race. Race it on RACE DAY not this week. If this week makes/breaks it then why go to Boston at all? Just hoping you don't get yourself psyched out of a good race this early.

Ward said...

Paul - when I say it will make or break me.. I'm really saying that if I can get through this week without reinjuring my calf, then my chances of at least running Boston are looking good.. thanks for the good words!