Sunday, January 25, 2009

What can I say.. another great week. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the results of my AeT test on Friday, which I had to run on the road vs. my prior tests which were done on the track, but coach says don't put too much emphasis on it... so I won't.

Today I ran my long run.. I was scheduled to run 22 miles. The weather is terrible, the main roads are pretty much clear, but the side roads, the ones I like to run on, are still ice covered and have absolutely terrible footing. I opted for the treadmill downstairs... again. Like I said before, I was scheduled to run 22 but I didn't do it, instead I ran 23. I watched a couple of movies, The Matrix (the original) and I am Legend, with Will Smith. I was so involved with I am Legend that I lost track of time and ended up at 22-1/2 before I realized where I was at, so I kept going to 23 and stopped there. The run felt absolutely amazing and effortless.. gels every ~30 min w/the appropriate amount of water and Gatorade.

The next 4 week block is probably going to get a bit tougher... AND I CAN"T WAIT!!!


Jeff said...

You are a machine. How long did it take? Do you run the same speed you would outdoors? I can't seem to hold the same pace on the treadmill it's just not comfortable, plus I sweat like a pig - do you run a fan? Your dedication should really pay off for you at Boston.

Ward said...

Jeff - Thanks, I had two fans on me.. Took me 3 hrs almost exactly.
Obviously you have more control of your speed on a t'mill vs. running outside.. but if given the choice... i'd rather go outside.