Monday, January 12, 2009

Ok.. I know I need to start making more entries here.. If summer has it's dog days, then winter has to have an equivalent of sorts. This whole week has been just blah....... cold, snowy, icy, windy... YUCK!

All in all, I'm getting in all my workouts on the schedule. Yesterday was suppose to be a 19 mile run.. I've been running long enough and should know better than to skimp on dinner the night before a long run.. and to properly hydrate both that night and that morning.. needless to say I didn't do either very well, and I paid for it at mile 16-1/2.. I bonked hard and barely made it back to the car before calling it at 17. I'll make sure and not let that happen again! At least I was happy to get outside yesterday with Scott and Manuel.. the prior two days has been off and on snow with some freezing drizzle thrown in for good measure.. The course was, for the most part, all snow and didn't make for very good footing.

This coming weeks schedule incorporates a hard progression run and some hill repeats along with a 20 miler next weekend. 14 weeks to go...

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Jeff said...

I hope the weather starts to cooperate hear pretty soon. Sounds like your training is going well though. I'm glad I'm not in serious training mode yet or it would be depressing. Hopefully 3-4 weeks and we start to turn for the better.