Monday, January 5, 2009

1/1/09 - 6.5m

1/2 - 5.6m

1/3 - 8.18m which included 15 x 1' strides @ 6:30 pace w/2' RI @ 7:30 pace.. running just over LT then just under for recovery, but the recovery was not complete..

1/4 - 17m long run.. Felt absolutely amazing for this.. Good things are happening here! There were seven of us that showed up at the HS, Mike Henry and Scott Eberle were the only ones that ran the full 17 with me. 135-145 for the 1st hour, then 145-155 for the second. The last 3 miles were under 20:00.. Scott decided to try and lay down some smack on the way in and Mike and I couldn't let him go (sorry coach!) Still, the HR never got any higher than 164 on those 3, there was no way I was going to let him drop me. I felt so good and had so much energy left when I finished, something that has been lacking in years past.

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FatDad said...

Rad to hear things going well.