Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Again, a very ho-hum week... Really, everything is going as good as expected. I'm inching closer and closer to a what could be a better than average Boston. The weather has cooperated somewhat here. At least there's not any significant snow to deal with...yet! I know it's coming though... I'll deal with that obstacle when I have to. The weight is still around where I can deal with it at this time of the year.. anywhere between 135 and 138 on any given day.. the closer to race time, I'm sure I can get it down to around 129 - 131 which is where I would like to race at. Right now, I'm dealing with moon pies, donut holes and lofthouse cookies...

My AeT test last Friday was kind of up and down as I had to deal with some very strong wind that day. A stiff headwind on the back stretch of the track and a tailwind on the front made it hard to stabilize the HR between 155 and 160 so my mile repeats where anywhere between 6:52 and 7:02 for the 5 miles of the test.

Looking forward to the next one in 4 weeks to see how much improvment I can make... ciao for now!

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