Monday, December 1, 2008

My tempo run on Saturday went great.. 3 mile warm-up with some 30" strides at the end, then 4 miles at a pace slightly easier than 10k effort, HR ~160-165, then a 1 mile cool down.. tempo pace ranged from 6:25 to 6:36 on a slightly rolling course.

Sundays run got moved indoors as we got around 2-3 inches of slushy, wet snow. Running indoors on the gerbil wheel any longer than an hour is awfull! Sooooo.. it was a long dredge on the mill for 12 miles. Having my two youngest run around in circles in the basement because they wanted to get a run in, just like dad, kept it humorous and motivating for awhile. Watching the Colts barely squeek out a win over the Browns kept me occupied for the rest of the time.

Since I got the ok from coach to squeeze in a few races between now and Boston, I have one of those races coming up this Saturday. My only goal is to improve on my 38:45 10k performance from back on the 26th of October. If I had to guess a time I could run right now, I'd say 38:15 +/-30" depending on the weather. There is virtualy no turns on this course. It's 3 x 2 mile circular loops around a local golf course. Looking forward to it...

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Lance said...

Hey thanks for the comment. I actually had a race planned for last Saturday, a fast four miler where the first three miles are mostly downhill. I had to back out due to a lingering cold. Feeling much better and plan on getting out more frequently. I see you are running Boston, good luck. I ran it in 2002, wow what an expeirience. It was a hard race to train for throughout the winter.