Saturday, November 15, 2008

For those of you who didn't know.. I had some minor outpatient surgery done on my bladder yesterday. Everything went great, I was out cold for the whole thing. Feeling great today, no side effects from the anesthesia. I have some medication to take for the mild burning sensation I get while urinating, but otherwise... I'm back to where I was.. I may even run this evening if I can get motivation to get out in the cold windy rainy/snowy mix that's coming down right now. Below is a scan of some pic's my Urologist took of the inside of my bladder. The left side pic's are the before and the right side, after. Along with the orginal lesion he was originaly going to take out(bottom left), he also removed some more tissue he thought questionable(upper left).


GZ said...

No. I did not know. What is the thought as to the reason for these lesions?

Ward said...

You're guess is as good as mine.. I have a follow up with my urologist in a week and half and he'll go over the results from the biopsy of the lesion. I'll probably ask that question when I see him again.