Monday, November 10, 2008

11/6/08 - rest day

11/7/08 -

a.m.)4 miles easy, MHR 150

p.m.)5 miles easy, MHR 150

11/8/08 - 8 miles, HR 140-150, last 20:00 5 x 20" 5k pick-ups, legs felt VERY heavy today, no turnover.

11/9/08 - 11.3 miles, 1st half HR 135-145, last half 145-155.. Weather was awful to start the run, but finished in decent conditions. This run felt great! Ten times better than yesterday... Tried to pick a route to take advantage of the majority of the hills around here.


FatDad said...

Weird how that happens sometimes. What a difference a day makes.

Ward said...

I use to think I had a theory why that happens, but it almost always is wrong, so I stopped theorizing and just waited a day... for me it usually turns around in a day or two. This mornings run felt great as well!! Little over 3 weeks to go fatdad.. getting pumped?!?!