Monday, November 17, 2008

11/15/08 - 3 miles.. taking my urologists' advise, I took off 24 hours after the surgery, but was able to get in a short 3 miler at the end of the day on Saturday just to see how I felt.. and... it felt great!

11/16/08 - 14 miles, 7 miles straight into a fierce, cold headwind, 7 miles back with a nice tailwind.. very easy pace. No HR monitor today.. I think I avg'd around 8:08/m.. feeling great today.


Dave said...

Just saw your post about the adidas mana do you like them? I've switched to training exclusively in flats and really enjoyed the benefits. I saw that the mana's are on sale online, but no one I know has trained/raced in them. Nice to see your training is going well!

Ward said...

I love these flats... this is my third pair. It's a great combination of a minimal amount of cushioning with the feel of a featherlight racer.. At 7-1/2 oz'z, it's perfect for the amount of running I'm doing right now. Like I said I may at some point switch to them 100%..