Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yesterday was good day, 4 miles w/4 x 20s sprints at faster than 5k pace.. Then 7 x 8" all out efforts after the run on the treadmill set at max incline of 15%... Today will be an easy day of 6 miles at 5-10 beats over MAF. Around 3:00 this afternoon I need to consume 10oz of Magnesium Citrate for my IVP procedure tomorrow morning.

Not looking forward to spending the rest of the day on the pot.. I have my Men's Fraternity class tonight, but may have to stay close the bathroom to make a "mad dash" if needed.

As long as I feel up to it (and I should), tomorrow is a double with hill repeats in the evening the same as last Thursday except will be adding 1 more repeat on the downhill portion. I'm starting to get down to my mid-summer weight of 135, (currently at 139). If I'd cut back on the donuts and cereal, I'd probably be there by now... I'm sure I can get there by my "key" race on the 26th..

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Dave said...

I'm so jealous of all you 130 lbs'ers...I'm down to 180, the lowest I've been since freshman year of college. Granted, I'm 6'1" and once weighed 250lbs. I just wish I knew what it felt like to be that light. Best of luck with the training!