Thursday, October 23, 2008

A relatively uneventfull 1st half of the week.. Monday an easy 5, Tuesday an easy 6, yesterday a progression run done on the treadmill.. (it was only 40 something and windy, I know I'm a wimp!) 1st mile at 7:30 last one in 6:30.. Progression runs are easy when you have the treadmill to control the pace! AHR for the last mile was 164.. I think it would have been a few beats lower had not all the fans been taken up by the other gym gerbils, I was roasting without any air moving around me. This gives me a good excuse to take it outside next time. Today will be a tempo run, 3-1/2 miles at 6:25 - 6:35 (~22:30 - 23:30 @ tempo) with 1-1/2 warm-up and 1 warm-down. I'll try to find motivation for a double tonight to get in an easy 5-6. Friday and Saturday will be easy runs in prep for Sundays 10k.. Given my 5k time last weekend, I'm hoping to run something between 37:45 and 38:30. The weather is suppose to be awful, cold/rainy/windy... (I'm already making excuses!) It's coming up on 25 weeks to Boston, I'm already starting to set some early goals for the outcome given my current physical condition. I'm afraid to say them out loud in fear I might jinx myself.. Let's just say sub 3 for now and leave it at that! I ran a 3:08 to qualify without any real build up or taper, who's to say what I can run with proper structure!

a.m.) 6 miles

p.m.) 5 miles

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