Friday, October 10, 2008

am) Ran a 6 mile progression run this afternoon.. Started off very conservative, 7:23 then finished at 6:05 last mile.. Got myself a small blister on my right big toe which I'll take care of later. I usually drain them right away so the tissue will dry up and fall off.. I'll tape the toe every run so it doesn't bother me, which has worked great in the past. It probably has to do with the new shoes I'm trying to break in, the Asics Landreth. This shoe is a stable, neutral trainer. I'm 5'8", 139 and a mostly midfoot striker depending on how loose my legs are. There's not a ton of heel cushioning here, but the design of the shoe is such that it encourages a fast transition to the forefoot. Essentially, you will land on your heel but put most of your weight on your forefoot. Also, there are almost no overlays on the toe box, which allows for maximum ventilation and minimal blistering. Good shoe for those with good mechanics. Plus I got a sweet deal on them from the guys at Three Rivers Running Company.
pm) 5 miles easy..

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