Friday, October 10, 2008

Nothing of real importance to say here today... Wednesday's run was ok. I did feel Tuesdays uphill all out sprints in my upper thighs during the run a bit, but nothing that slowed me or altered my form. Speaking of my upper thighs, after walking into the foyer at my church to attend my Men's Fraternity class, I was walking north and looking south and ran my thigh right into a hard wood table. I had to bite my lip from screaming it hurt so bad, it literaly almost dropped me. I had to stop and wait for the pain to subside before limping to my class. Today it still is a little sore but no brusing and doesn't hurt when I run..

Yesterday I had my IVP procedure in the morning and all went well.. I passed on my afternoon run just so I could rehydrate and get some food in my belly as I hadn't (or couldn't I should say) eaten anything since Lunch on Wednesday, or drink anything since Wednesday evening. Sooooo, I scarfed when I got home from the IVP and waited until after work to get a short 5-1/2 miler in, very easy. Yesterday was also easy, 5 miles w/4 x 20s sprints at faster than 5k pace.

Looking forward a couple of weeks, I'm not really sure what to expect as far as a time at the River City Rat race. I guess based on what I ran at Parlor City, I should be able to run something around 39 flat. I ran Parlor City somewhat conservative, so an all out effort should gain me about a minute over 10k distance... I guess we'll wait and see...

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