Monday, October 6, 2008

I took yesterday off, just had no motivation and had too many things going on. I was going to run something around 15 but ended up with a big donut! Which is ok..

I turned today's run into a progression run, and it felt good! 7:20, 7:14, 7:00, 6:50, 6:36, 6:13... Max HR on the last mile was 166, so I had more left in the tank if needed.

I have a 5k race I signed up for months ago coming up on the 19th and then a "key" race the following weekend on the 26th that Lucho wants me to focus on.. My guess is that he's going to use that time to base some of my Boston prep training intensities at.... At least until I get my lactate tested down in Muncie with Jeff Frame.

I'm looking forward to watching the Ironman World Championships this coming weekend on I think my top 5 would be (as long as they all show up healthy and injury free and in no particular order) Craig Alexander, Chris McCormack, Norman Stadler, Faris Al Sultan, Luke Bell... dark horse, Marino VanHoenacker. I'd really like to see Tim Deboom destroy everyone, but he's kind of hit or miss. On the womens side, since Michellie Jones and Sam Mcglone are out, Chrissie Wellington is almost a shoe in.. I say almost because you never know what the day has in store... throw in Kate Major, Joanna Lawn, Belinda Grainger and Dede Griesbauer to battle out the rest of the top 5, dark horse.. Natascha Badmann. I know..I know.. Natascha a dark horse??? She's been out most of the season and has only done a few short course races but you can never count her out!

The morning swimmers are now starting to get hot and heavy off dig-me beach. You can see them here, heavy activity is between 7:00am and 9:00am Kona time, scroll to the bottom of the page to see the web cam. The view is looking back toward the pier so your kind of looking west/northwest..

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