Sunday, October 19, 2008

ANT 5k

Ran a 5k this afternoon just down the street from where I live. Was expecting a little turnout, maybe 100 people, instead over 300 people showed up. I didn't really see any of the usual speedsters there but you really never know who's lurking in the background. In my own egotistical mind I though I may have a chance at winning this thing.... until.. I saw Kevin Pensinger. Kevin is a former all american duathlete, but I haven't seen him around in 4-5 years,(come to find out he broke his leg during a trail run a while back and has been rehabing since.) Well, I decided I would try to hang on to him as long as I could.. the race started off without a hitch. Went through mile 1 in 5:46 with Kevin breaking the wind for me, we were 1 and 2. After 2 miles he had gapped me and had about 10 seconds, by mile 3 he had gained another 10-15 and by the finish about 30. I ended up at 18:35, second overall, 25 seconds better than I thought I could do. My brand new toy (Forerunner 305, race data below) confrimed that the course was accurate, so I'm very happy with the time and effort today. This race gives me a little confidence to crack 38 next weekend... again, we'll see..


GZ said...

Nice! 25 seconds faster than you expected. Sweet.

Rule of thumb on a 5K to 10k conversion is double it and add a minute. You should be able to break 38!

FatDad said...

Huge time! Good job.

Ward said...

Thx guys.. I know there's a lot left in me..