Friday, October 17, 2008

10/16/08 - 6 miles easy

10/17/08 - Progression run, 1st mile 7:21, last mile in 6:11 @ AHR 170. The weather was nice and cool. Little bit of headwind going out which made for a nice return trip.

Doctors visit on Wednesday went ok.. A little bit of discomfort when the cystoscope passed by the Prostrate, but only for a split second, then just some mild pressure as he filled the bladder with saline so he could look around. He found a very small (about the size of the head of a pen) abnormality. Dr. Palmer says he's seem thousands of them, and 999 time out of a 1000, it's absolutely nothing. So I'll have to go back in in a couple of weeks to have it removed and biopsied just to make sure. This time I'll be put out so I won't feel a thing.

Looking forward to seeing what kind of time I can put in on Sunday at the 5k. I always felt I was a better 5 to 10k'er than a 1/2 or full marathon guy. I've never been able to figure out the formula to transfer the short fast stuff to the longer endurance stuff. Maybe with Tim's help, I can break that mold.

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