Friday, October 31, 2008

Congrats to my good bud and sometimes training partner Scott Beasley for a top 10 finish at The Great Floridian last weekend and winning the masters division.

Scott was also the overall winner at Ultraman Canada last year..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

10/27/08 - 4 miles easy

10/28/08 - rest day

10/29/08 - 6 miles, progression run. 7:30 1st mile 6:41 last mile...

10/30/08 - 5 miles easy

I may run again tonight.. It would be a good chance to get in some downhill running repeats.. The weather is perfect!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rat Race 10k

Well, it wasn't the time I was hoping to run, but given the conditions, it was the best I could do. The day started off kind of nasty, I got up and went outside to get the paper and nearly got blown over a couple of times, not good I thought. Around 11:00 it started to rain a little, and from what I heard, at one point it came down pretty hard. The race was at 2:00, so there was still some time for this crud to clear away. By race time, the rain clouds had moved off and there was some intermittent sun but was still very windy. 1st mile in 5:49 last mile in 6:20.. there was a 6:27 and a 6:29 in there when the course went straight into the wind.. I won't know the official time until they post them, my watch says a distance of 6.25 miles. Not totally disappointed but at the same time, thought I could go at least 30 seconds faster.. Never really felt smooth at any point in the race.. legs were heavy and stiff to start. I started feeling better around mile 2, but then the wind hit me, it just sapped any strength I might have had left and I just tried to hold on from that point...

EDIT: Official times posted..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A relatively uneventfull 1st half of the week.. Monday an easy 5, Tuesday an easy 6, yesterday a progression run done on the treadmill.. (it was only 40 something and windy, I know I'm a wimp!) 1st mile at 7:30 last one in 6:30.. Progression runs are easy when you have the treadmill to control the pace! AHR for the last mile was 164.. I think it would have been a few beats lower had not all the fans been taken up by the other gym gerbils, I was roasting without any air moving around me. This gives me a good excuse to take it outside next time. Today will be a tempo run, 3-1/2 miles at 6:25 - 6:35 (~22:30 - 23:30 @ tempo) with 1-1/2 warm-up and 1 warm-down. I'll try to find motivation for a double tonight to get in an easy 5-6. Friday and Saturday will be easy runs in prep for Sundays 10k.. Given my 5k time last weekend, I'm hoping to run something between 37:45 and 38:30. The weather is suppose to be awful, cold/rainy/windy... (I'm already making excuses!) It's coming up on 25 weeks to Boston, I'm already starting to set some early goals for the outcome given my current physical condition. I'm afraid to say them out loud in fear I might jinx myself.. Let's just say sub 3 for now and leave it at that! I ran a 3:08 to qualify without any real build up or taper, who's to say what I can run with proper structure!

a.m.) 6 miles

p.m.) 5 miles

Sunday, October 19, 2008

ANT 5k

Ran a 5k this afternoon just down the street from where I live. Was expecting a little turnout, maybe 100 people, instead over 300 people showed up. I didn't really see any of the usual speedsters there but you really never know who's lurking in the background. In my own egotistical mind I though I may have a chance at winning this thing.... until.. I saw Kevin Pensinger. Kevin is a former all american duathlete, but I haven't seen him around in 4-5 years,(come to find out he broke his leg during a trail run a while back and has been rehabing since.) Well, I decided I would try to hang on to him as long as I could.. the race started off without a hitch. Went through mile 1 in 5:46 with Kevin breaking the wind for me, we were 1 and 2. After 2 miles he had gapped me and had about 10 seconds, by mile 3 he had gained another 10-15 and by the finish about 30. I ended up at 18:35, second overall, 25 seconds better than I thought I could do. My brand new toy (Forerunner 305, race data below) confrimed that the course was accurate, so I'm very happy with the time and effort today. This race gives me a little confidence to crack 38 next weekend... again, we'll see..

Friday, October 17, 2008

10/16/08 - 6 miles easy

10/17/08 - Progression run, 1st mile 7:21, last mile in 6:11 @ AHR 170. The weather was nice and cool. Little bit of headwind going out which made for a nice return trip.

Doctors visit on Wednesday went ok.. A little bit of discomfort when the cystoscope passed by the Prostrate, but only for a split second, then just some mild pressure as he filled the bladder with saline so he could look around. He found a very small (about the size of the head of a pen) abnormality. Dr. Palmer says he's seem thousands of them, and 999 time out of a 1000, it's absolutely nothing. So I'll have to go back in in a couple of weeks to have it removed and biopsied just to make sure. This time I'll be put out so I won't feel a thing.

Looking forward to seeing what kind of time I can put in on Sunday at the 5k. I always felt I was a better 5 to 10k'er than a 1/2 or full marathon guy. I've never been able to figure out the formula to transfer the short fast stuff to the longer endurance stuff. Maybe with Tim's help, I can break that mold.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10/13/08 - 6 miles, easy run, no HRM, just when on a very easy PE.

10/14/08 - 5 miles, another easy run, 5 x 20s sprints and slightly faster than 5k pace. Leg's felt heavy and not very good turnover.

I'm not looking forward to my urologist appointment today, although it's a neccessary evil to eliminate anything bad happening in the ole bladder. I'm just not excited about anything going in through the out door, ya' know?!? The doctor has explained the procedure in depth and aside from maybe a little bit of burning, the whole thing is virtualy painless and won't take more than a minute...

am) 6 miles, 1 mile very easy ~8:00, 3-1/2 miles at tempo (6:35, 6:31, 6:31, 3:04) 1-1/2 miles warm-down..HR was a little higher than usual on the last 1-1/2 miles @ tempo but was still able to hold pace relatively easy...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Recap..

Saturday I managed to get in a hilly 6-1/2 miles and yesterday was an even hillier 13... So my legs feel a bit worn out this morning.. I should be good to go for a run this afternoon however.

What a great World Championship race this year in Kona. Craig Alexander won with a stellar 2:45 finishing marathon. It would have been nice to see him and Chris McCormack battle it out on the run, but Macca had some internal cable routing problems and had to call it a day just a little over half way on the bike. Chrissie Wellington flatted about 95k into the bike and had troubles inflating the tube. She lost around 10 minutes but still managed to break the run course record and beat everyone soundly.

I have two weeks to go for my 10k effort at the Rat Race... I'm still up in the air as to how this will go, but looking forward to it just the same.

Friday, October 10, 2008

am) Ran a 6 mile progression run this afternoon.. Started off very conservative, 7:23 then finished at 6:05 last mile.. Got myself a small blister on my right big toe which I'll take care of later. I usually drain them right away so the tissue will dry up and fall off.. I'll tape the toe every run so it doesn't bother me, which has worked great in the past. It probably has to do with the new shoes I'm trying to break in, the Asics Landreth. This shoe is a stable, neutral trainer. I'm 5'8", 139 and a mostly midfoot striker depending on how loose my legs are. There's not a ton of heel cushioning here, but the design of the shoe is such that it encourages a fast transition to the forefoot. Essentially, you will land on your heel but put most of your weight on your forefoot. Also, there are almost no overlays on the toe box, which allows for maximum ventilation and minimal blistering. Good shoe for those with good mechanics. Plus I got a sweet deal on them from the guys at Three Rivers Running Company.
pm) 5 miles easy..
Nothing of real importance to say here today... Wednesday's run was ok. I did feel Tuesdays uphill all out sprints in my upper thighs during the run a bit, but nothing that slowed me or altered my form. Speaking of my upper thighs, after walking into the foyer at my church to attend my Men's Fraternity class, I was walking north and looking south and ran my thigh right into a hard wood table. I had to bite my lip from screaming it hurt so bad, it literaly almost dropped me. I had to stop and wait for the pain to subside before limping to my class. Today it still is a little sore but no brusing and doesn't hurt when I run..

Yesterday I had my IVP procedure in the morning and all went well.. I passed on my afternoon run just so I could rehydrate and get some food in my belly as I hadn't (or couldn't I should say) eaten anything since Lunch on Wednesday, or drink anything since Wednesday evening. Sooooo, I scarfed when I got home from the IVP and waited until after work to get a short 5-1/2 miler in, very easy. Yesterday was also easy, 5 miles w/4 x 20s sprints at faster than 5k pace.

Looking forward a couple of weeks, I'm not really sure what to expect as far as a time at the River City Rat race. I guess based on what I ran at Parlor City, I should be able to run something around 39 flat. I ran Parlor City somewhat conservative, so an all out effort should gain me about a minute over 10k distance... I guess we'll wait and see...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yesterday was good day, 4 miles w/4 x 20s sprints at faster than 5k pace.. Then 7 x 8" all out efforts after the run on the treadmill set at max incline of 15%... Today will be an easy day of 6 miles at 5-10 beats over MAF. Around 3:00 this afternoon I need to consume 10oz of Magnesium Citrate for my IVP procedure tomorrow morning.

Not looking forward to spending the rest of the day on the pot.. I have my Men's Fraternity class tonight, but may have to stay close the bathroom to make a "mad dash" if needed.

As long as I feel up to it (and I should), tomorrow is a double with hill repeats in the evening the same as last Thursday except will be adding 1 more repeat on the downhill portion. I'm starting to get down to my mid-summer weight of 135, (currently at 139). If I'd cut back on the donuts and cereal, I'd probably be there by now... I'm sure I can get there by my "key" race on the 26th..

Monday, October 6, 2008

I took yesterday off, just had no motivation and had too many things going on. I was going to run something around 15 but ended up with a big donut! Which is ok..

I turned today's run into a progression run, and it felt good! 7:20, 7:14, 7:00, 6:50, 6:36, 6:13... Max HR on the last mile was 166, so I had more left in the tank if needed.

I have a 5k race I signed up for months ago coming up on the 19th and then a "key" race the following weekend on the 26th that Lucho wants me to focus on.. My guess is that he's going to use that time to base some of my Boston prep training intensities at.... At least until I get my lactate tested down in Muncie with Jeff Frame.

I'm looking forward to watching the Ironman World Championships this coming weekend on I think my top 5 would be (as long as they all show up healthy and injury free and in no particular order) Craig Alexander, Chris McCormack, Norman Stadler, Faris Al Sultan, Luke Bell... dark horse, Marino VanHoenacker. I'd really like to see Tim Deboom destroy everyone, but he's kind of hit or miss. On the womens side, since Michellie Jones and Sam Mcglone are out, Chrissie Wellington is almost a shoe in.. I say almost because you never know what the day has in store... throw in Kate Major, Joanna Lawn, Belinda Grainger and Dede Griesbauer to battle out the rest of the top 5, dark horse.. Natascha Badmann. I know..I know.. Natascha a dark horse??? She's been out most of the season and has only done a few short course races but you can never count her out!

The morning swimmers are now starting to get hot and heavy off dig-me beach. You can see them here, heavy activity is between 7:00am and 9:00am Kona time, scroll to the bottom of the page to see the web cam. The view is looking back toward the pier so your kind of looking west/northwest..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

After this mornings MAF test...

1 ...........8:18.......7:49........7:40........7:27........7:21
2 ...........8:23.......8:02........7:48........7:33........7:24
3 ...........8:29.......8:18........8:03........7:41........7:26
4 ...........8:41.......8:35........8:10........7:48........7:33
5 ..................................................................7:38

Thursday, October 2, 2008

am)5 miles, easy run out and back to the state park..

pm)6.23 miles, 2-1/2 miles @ MAF, then 3 x 2:00 uphill @ 2-8 beats above MAF, then fast controlled run downhill, 2-1/2 miles warm-down..

This run felt great.. It felt good to get some good leg turnover and do some fast downhill running...