Monday, September 8, 2008

Yesterday I ran a little over 10 miles.. but the run has me a little confused. The route I ran I am very familar with as I've run it several hundred times.. I know where all the mile markers are at within' +/- 2-3 seconds.. The run started off very good, 1st mile 7:39, then 7:59, then the route gets rolling, with some downhills and uphills.. pace from miles 3 - 7 vary between 8:18 - 8:40, then the last three miles were all under 8:10??? From past experience using MAF and keeping my HR under 150, each successive mile through the end of the run usually gets slightly slower, so I was surprised to see my pace actually get faster the last 3 miles of this run.. what gives?? Maybe this is the result of improved endurance? I knew that the pace would vary through the uphills and downhills, but I thought the pace of the last 3 miles would be more around 8:30 - 8:50.. Of course I should just take Lucho's advice and not over think it!!

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