Thursday, September 18, 2008

5 miles - moderate progression run. 1st mile @ MAF, last mile in 6:19... After reading over my notes on what constitutes a "moderate progression run". I ran this too fast as the fastest mile should be my approximate goal pace for the marathon. Goal pace for me right now is 6:53.. I may lower it later (or Tim may) as I get farther into my build up for Boston, but for now I should have held back. Lesson learned...

I started off the run feeling a little lathargic, but started feeling better after about 10 minutes and just went with it.

The weather is looking good for this coming weekends race. The Parlor City Trot half marathon has always been good to me. I've run some of my best times on this course.. 1:18:55(95'), 1:19:12(88'), 1:20:20(87')... Maybe this time next year, I can add another one to the list!

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