Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's been almost two weeks since I updated everyone with how my running is going. Currently I'm running with a HR cap of 150bpm and it's going great. My first run, as I mentioned before, using MAF as a guide, was done at a sloth like pace of 9:14/m.. As of yesterdays 5 miler, my average pace has dropped into the 8:30's (with one run done at an average of 8:06/m) I started out my a MAF range of 136-146, but have since changed it to 140-150 after confiring with Tim Luchinske on where my range should more likely be. It may even change again once I perform a tempo run on the track here in a few weeks. Chances are it won't change that much, but will still like to see what the test shows me. The test involves me running a tempo run (5-6 miles)at a pace that corelates to what my average pace was on a recent 5k. My test pace will be ~6:35/m. I'll run 5-6 miles at this pace and get an AHR for the run (which should be close to my LT, +/-2 beats) Then I subtract 20 beats and use this as the midpoint of my MAF and training within 5 beats plus and minus of this HR.

Week of 8/10 - 8/16: 29.5 miles

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