Friday, July 11, 2008

Today was a good day... I had a nice easy 3 mile run at lunch today, no hip, hamstring or calf issues... I got home and took my oldest out shopping to pick out his present for his 7th birthday tomorrow. I know it's Cliché to say, but it really does seem like just yesterday that I was in the delivery and watched the miracle of him being born... People.. please don't wish that they'd grow up faster. Enjoy the pleasures of youth and all the joys and challenges they bring..

Then he and I got to grab some dinner together, just some daddy time. Afterward we headed out to the three rivers running company to pick-up my race packet for tomorrows race and to meet Olympian Brian Sell..

He was all I expected.. A great and humble guy.. I chatted with him for about a minute all the while I had him autograph a poster for my son. He asked Dylan if he was a runner like his dad, his response, "My dad's faster than you...", I just about swallowed my tongue, Brian and I had a good laugh about that one.

I shook his hand and wished him luck in Bejing and asked if he woulnd't mind if I took a picture of us.. "absolutely.." he said.

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