Saturday, July 5, 2008

I went and saw my PT, Jason Sims, last Monday for this nagging hip thing I got going on. It turns out its more of an alignment issue with my tailbone than with the hip joint itself. Of course my right leg being about a centemeter shorter than my left doesn't help out the cause either. Well, he worked on me for about a half hour; stretching, twisting, contorting, bending.. After all that I was feeling good and the right leg was almost even with the left.

The next day I went out for a nice 6 miler during lunch. I was clicking off 6:35's and keeping the HR in control when about mile 5 an old familiar feeling came around. A twinge in my left calf!! I stopped immediately and walked the rest of the way back to the gym. When I got home that evening, I dug into the spot with my thumbs and used my stick to loosen up or break up anything. I also put the ultrasound on it as well.

On Thursday, when I went back to see Jason, he gave the spot a good scraping as well.
Here it is Saturday and the calf feels pretty good. (actually, it felt good on Wednesday, but after the scraping it was a little sore yesterday). I'm going to run this afternoon and see how it goes.. It's just one thing after another.. I don't think the karma gods want me to run a good race next weekend.

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