Thursday, July 10, 2008

I had a scheduled track workout on Wednesday with Jon and Mike... I got there a little early to see how the hamstring would feel. I ran a half mile to warm it up and although it was pretty tight and sore to start, it loosened up and felt ok afterward.

After running another mile with Jon and Mike to warm up, we went:

2 x 800, w/400 easy jog
2 x 400, w/200 easy jog
2 x 200, w/200 easy jog
1-1/2 mile warm-down

Since we are all racing this weekend (Jon w/me at the parade race and Mike in Muncie for the endurathon), we dialed it back on the intensity of this one but still put enough stress on both the calf and hip area to let me know that things are good to go for this weekend. The 800's were 2:59, 2:57, 400's in 1:26, 1:24 and 200's in :40, :39... nothing blazing fast but at the same time, we weren't loafing either.

I have another appt. with Jason tonight that my hamstring is not looking forward to. I think he'll take it easy on me since I have the race this weekend.

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