Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Three Rivers 12k

I had a good race at the Three Rivers 12k on May 24th. The weather was perfect... The old familiar faces were there so I knew there would be no slacking. Newly turned master this year, Dave Devoe, would surely be keeping me in his sights this race as I was fortunate enough to squeak out in front of him by about 7 seconds at the Warbird the week before. It's nice to have someone so close to you in fitness and age to give you the motivation to push it that much more. Other masters phenom's such as Chuck Deford and Manuel Martinez were also there.

The race started off quick for me, 5:35 1st mile, but it felt surprisingly good, then a 5:46, 5:52 (through 3 miles in 17:13, translates into a 17:48 5K), then I started to pay for the fast start, 6:10, 6:09, 6:09, 6:21... finished in 44:55, 10th overall and 4th master. Manuel caught me around mile 4 and Dave ended up cathcing me around mile 5.5. I tried staying with him, but couldn't hold his pace. Overall I was very happy with the race and the improvements I've been making from race to race. Everything is looking good for a fast Parade Race 5k in a little over 5 weeks. The goal is to crack 17:30, we'll see.

I may jump in a 5k this weekend to see where my current 5k level of fitness is. It seems like back when I was running some of my faster times, I was doing a lot of racing as well. Sometimes it's difficult to push yourself to the limits during a track workout or a tempo run, racing is a perfect way for me to get that extra little speed out of a workout that might otherwise go untapped.

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