Monday, June 16, 2008

My hip..

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been experiencing some pain in my left hip. I kept hoping it would go away. Taking every other day off, ibuprofren, icing.. It's still giving me fits. Along with the back pain that never seems to go away, I think it may be time to give the doctor a call.. Most likely I'll go back to my PT, Jason Sims, and have him try to get me running pain free again. Here it is, 4 weeks to go for my "A" race, and I'm probably going to have to take some time off from running again. I've made my own crude diagnosis of this problem. I think it's Hip Brusitis. I also may need to start seeing my Chiropractor again as well.. Maybe the two are related and working against each other.?.?

I ran another 5k on saturday in 18:22, a full 36 seconds slower that the race the week before, which kind of convinced me to get this dang thing checked out.

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