Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brian Sell

In a couple of weeks, I will have the opportunity to meet and greet an Olympian. Brian Sell is going to be at the Three Rivers Running Company store for a meet-n-greet opportunity on July 11th. He's there in conjunction with the Runners on Parade 5k which is the following day. I'm friends with the race director, Mac McAvoy, and asked him how he pulled that off. He said, he just asked him, and he said ok. (Of course there's monetary figure there, but it wasn't much) He's based out of southern Michigan somewhere so it's not that long of a drive for him. I also asked him if he was going to do the race, he said it's 50/50. He's only got like 5 weeks until the Olympics so I wouldn't blame him for not running a 5k.. Suffice to say that if he did run it, the course record of 14:55 would be smashed beyond recognition.

But this opportunity got me tapping the memory banks. There were three time I can recall that I've had the opportunity to meet olympians. I met Francie Larrieu at an Autograph signing before the 1991 Chicago Marathon. I met and talked with Bill Rodgers at the awards ceremony of a half marathon in Elkhart, IN back in around 1993 or so. Then I met Jim Spivey, who coaches at Vanderbilt University now, at an awards banquet for the local track club here in town. All three were very personable and very easy to talk to. Rodgers talked a mile a minute and was as funny as he was nice.

I'll try and get some pictures up here of Brian as soon as I get done meeting him.

As far as running goes, all is well with the hip so far (knock on wood). Taking it easy, another run on Tuesday as well as today and with the exception of extreme heat and humidity, I'm good to go. With taking that time off, I gained about 3 pounds which I'm sure I can lose by race time in two weeks. I'm still doubtfull on the goal time, but I'm going to have fun trying to get there... ciao!


Resilient Hawk said...

Jim Spivey's got a new website (launched last month). He's no longer at Vanderbilt, but leading an aspect of sales at ASICS.

Ward said...

After thinking about it for awhile.. I have met others, Carl Lewis, Mike Eruzione, Sheila Taormina, Matt Vogel (who is a masters swim coach here in town) Frank Shorter.. they may be others. I forget the older I get.. HA!