Monday, May 5, 2008

500 Festival Mini Marathon

It's been awhile since I've run the Mini down in Indy. It's the largest half marathon in the world and the 8th largest running race in the world. I was really looking forward to running it this year. I had applied and got a seeding for the race in the "A" corral, which is right behind the elites. When the race started I was 1 step behind the elites when the gun went off. I had met up with Brandon Reichert from the Three Rivers Running Company before the start of the race and decided we were running about the same pace so we'd pace each other. The first mile was relatively slow, 6:33, having to deal with the all of the quick starters and settling into a rhythm. The 2nd mile was 6:06, yikes.. We finaly found our rythm and clicked off 6:12 - 6:18 through 8 miles.. Brandon was feeling good and picked it up about 5/10 seconds per mile, I held my own to the finish in 1:24:31. Not nearly my best, but was satisfied with the effort at this time of the year. I still love running around the speedway mid race. It's such a feeling of awe when you get a perspective of just how big it is when your running around the 2-1/2 mile oval. Thankfully the weather was great this year, overcast and mid 50's. I've done the race when it was mid 80's and sunny. Going around the track when it's that hot, it's almost unbearable.

I have a 10k I'm running in two weeks that I'd like to crack 38 at, then a 12k the following weekend. All this racing is geared more toward the 1st major goal of the season, which is to run somewhere around 17:30 at the Runners on Parade 5k on July 12th. I need to stay consistant with my weekly speedwork, both tempo runs and track work with some hill workouts thrown in there as well.

During church on Sunday, Pastor Hawks had quoted someone (who, I don't remember) with a saying that I thought was great and meaningfull. The quote was something like, "Failure, is being successful in something that doesn't matter." which I took to heart. Is being successful at running doing something that doesn't matter? I had to think about it for awhile. What are the things that really matter in life? I came to the conclusion that for me, it does matter. My wife, kids and my love for Jesus Christ are the most important things, and always will be, in my life. It matters that I show my kids that when you apply yourself to something your passionate about, whether it's running, baseball, basketball, football or anything else for that matter. You can reap the rewards of your efforts. Stay the course, never give in, never give up. It doesn't matter how old you are, or get, you can still whoop up on the youngsters, and have fun doing it! ciao...

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