Monday, April 7, 2008

Rest Week

This week was relatively easy. Basking in the satisfaction of last weekends marathon, I took monday off and starting back up on Tuesday with an easy 4 miler. All my runs this week were very easy, HR wasn't even on the map. On Friday, I had a 6 mile run planned and decided to see how the legs were feeling, so I picked it up to 6:50/m after a mile warm-up and held it there for 4 miles, then backed it down the last mile. In my mind, I'm fully recovered and ready for hills and speedwork this week. I have 4 weeks to go for the Indy Mini... Then the Warbird 10K two weeks after that. I'm going to make it a point to run more hills this year. Lydiard advocates this type of training quite a bit, who am I to argue with Lydiard? I have an excellent hill to do repeats on and just far enough away to get a decent warm-up before starting on them. This year I also plan on trying to incorporate more drills as well. One other thing I plan on doing more (actually have already started this last week) is adding jumping rope to my training regimen. Former triathlete pro turned full time runner/coach Tim Luchinske recommends these as a good way to increase running efficiency and to help your strength to weight ratio. I respect and admire his work ethic (as well as his blazing fast times)so I am going to give these a chance to become a vital part of my training this year. I'm really looking forward to what this summer and falls racing season has to offer... There are really only two "A" races I'd like to attack this year, The Parade 5k in mid-July and the Parlor City Trot 1/2 marathon in mid-September. All the others will be part of some hard training efforts... ciao!

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BRFOOT said...

I found your blog via Lucho, I too am a fan of his. I saw that you are from Indiana, me too. I havn't lived there for about 22 years but I still have alot of family and friends back there.
Looks like your training is going well 3:08 marathon is great. Keep up the good work.