Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Marathon.. Better outcome...

Yesterday I ran the Ohio River Road Runners club marathon. This was sort of a race I wanted to do to prove to myself that I could run what I orginally wanted to run back on February 17th. That day didn't turn out how I wanted, I really believe it was just an off day.

The morning started out at 4:45am with the alarm clock. I got up, got dressed and ate some breakfast. 2 bagels with jam, a banana and a bottle of gatorade. I'm on the road by 5:00 with a 2-1/2 hour drive ahead of me. I made it to Xenia by 7:50, checked in and made it back to my car to chill and eat a powerbar along with some more fluids. The race started right at 8:30 and I was off feeling good. The weather was perfect again, about 45, overcast with some wind out of the north, north east (headwind). The first two miles in 13:49, whoaa.. slow it down pal, your not trying to break 3:00 here.. I settled into a 7:00 - 7:05 pace and held it there for most of the race. The course was pretty much a gradual uphill all the way to mile 15 and into a wind that was picking up a bit which made it pretty chilly when the course turned into it. After hitting the turnaround and heading back, the tailwind was welcome relief along with the gradual downhill. There were a few 7:15 - 7:20's from miles 15 - 22 and the last two miles a struggled a bit with, but ended up with a 3:08:40 which is around what I wanted to run in Dublin..

I'll take it easy this week, probably start back up on Wednesday. My next race is the Indy Mini in 5 weeks.. I hope to break 1:25 there this year. A long way from my 1:18 PR back in 97'. It's a long slow road getting back up to speed coming off injury after injury.. As long as I play it smart, I think I can get back to that level again.

Starting next week I'll be starting back up with speedwork at least twice a week. I have a busy spring and summer racing season planned so the sooner the better. I have a great base to build on, so I'm looking forward to pushing the limits.

Tentatively, I'll be back in New Orleans to run the Mardi Gras Marathon in early Feb.09' then Boston in April 09'.

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