Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Marathon.. Better outcome...

Yesterday I ran the Ohio River Road Runners club marathon. This was sort of a race I wanted to do to prove to myself that I could run what I orginally wanted to run back on February 17th. That day didn't turn out how I wanted, I really believe it was just an off day.

The morning started out at 4:45am with the alarm clock. I got up, got dressed and ate some breakfast. 2 bagels with jam, a banana and a bottle of gatorade. I'm on the road by 5:00 with a 2-1/2 hour drive ahead of me. I made it to Xenia by 7:50, checked in and made it back to my car to chill and eat a powerbar along with some more fluids. The race started right at 8:30 and I was off feeling good. The weather was perfect again, about 45, overcast with some wind out of the north, north east (headwind). The first two miles in 13:49, whoaa.. slow it down pal, your not trying to break 3:00 here.. I settled into a 7:00 - 7:05 pace and held it there for most of the race. The course was pretty much a gradual uphill all the way to mile 15 and into a wind that was picking up a bit which made it pretty chilly when the course turned into it. After hitting the turnaround and heading back, the tailwind was welcome relief along with the gradual downhill. There were a few 7:15 - 7:20's from miles 15 - 22 and the last two miles a struggled a bit with, but ended up with a 3:08:40 which is around what I wanted to run in Dublin..

I'll take it easy this week, probably start back up on Wednesday. My next race is the Indy Mini in 5 weeks.. I hope to break 1:25 there this year. A long way from my 1:18 PR back in 97'. It's a long slow road getting back up to speed coming off injury after injury.. As long as I play it smart, I think I can get back to that level again.

Starting next week I'll be starting back up with speedwork at least twice a week. I have a busy spring and summer racing season planned so the sooner the better. I have a great base to build on, so I'm looking forward to pushing the limits.

Tentatively, I'll be back in New Orleans to run the Mardi Gras Marathon in early Feb.09' then Boston in April 09'.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Race yesterday...

Brrrrrr..Is all I can say. Here it is the second day of spring and it looked like it was the middle of January with a strong noreaster blowing in.. If it was a training day, I probably would have opted for an indoor dreadmill run for sure. As I showed up for registration, the weather was cold but tolarable. As I made my way outside a half hour before the start for a short warm-up, it started to snow and the wind started picking up from the north. At the start, it was an all out snow storm with a solid 20-25 mph wind out of the north. I told myself before the start I wasn't going to try and push this race, instead opt for a solid tempo run. 1st mile is almost all down hill with a short uphill around the 1/2 mile mark, 6:07. A bit faster than I wanted to go but I knew it would be just because of the layout. The next 2 miles are all up and down so I just tried to relax on the uphills and let gravity take me on the downhills, 6:38, 6:41. The first three miles have some pretty good tree coverage so the wind and snow wasn't really a factor. Once I hit the 3 mile mark, it was blowing snow and wind until I made a left turn (south)around the 5 mile mark, and had the wind and snow at my back for about a mile and half. But I knew what was coming after I hit the turnaround. In all my 33 years of being a competitve runner, I don't think I've ever had a more miserable time in a mile and half. The snow was coming down a a pretty good clip and it wasn't a soft snow either. It almost felt like little grains of sand were blowing in your face and eyes at 25 mph. Along with trying to keep your footing and not slipping and sliding, it made for a miserable 10 minutes. After I made the turn back west, I swear the wind changed directions and was blowing in my face again for the next 2 miles until I made the turn north again for another mile of a blast in the face of cold stinging snow. One more turn north for the final charge to the finish... That was one race I was glad was over.. definitely a charachter builder! 11th place overall and 3rd in AG, 1st and 2nd in Ag were 2nd and 4th overall.. How's that for a competitive AG! One week to go for the marathon. After plugging in the data to Mcmillan's calculator, he say's I should be running around 3:04.. Although I'd be VERY happy with that right now, I'll play it a little more conservative and shoot for a 3:07 - 3:12. Adios for now!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Training Log... nahhh!

Going to take a break from logging my miles here. Let's just say I'm running a lot and leave it at that. Keeping weekly mileage over 60 but started tapering after last Sundays long run for my marathon on March 30th. I have a 20k race I'm running this coming weekend and not really sure what kind of effort I want put into it. Do I try and blast a good one or keep it mild and try to hold 6:30's for a good tempo run? I don't really want to trash my legs for the marathon the following weekend. This is the first time I've run this 20k in about 8 or 9 years.. It's literaly in my backyard so I kind of feel obligated. For about 7 years now, I've always rode my bike out to the race and paced the leaders and took pictures. I'm very intimate with the course as I run on it all the time during training. Hills for the first 2-1/2 miles then it flattens out until about mile 7 where run another short hill then turn around and back the same direction you came. Around mile 10 you break off from the route out and head north back to the starting line which is all flat.

This is a profile of the race course from Although this profile shows it being quite hilly, it really isn't. This will be a good test of my fitness and to see what I might run the marathon in. After the race, I'll plug in the numbers to Daniels VDOT table and McMillan's calculator to see where I fall. My legs feel very good this week as I've been able to get outside more and more as the weather starts to warm-up. Maybe it's a physcological, but I always seem to be more relaxed and run smoother outside than on the treadmill. A 7:00 pace seems almost effortless versus a 7:00 pace on the treadmill. I should really start wearing my HRM more often outside and compare results at the same speed.. Enough rambling for now!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Training Log 3/3 - 3/9

Monday - 6m
Tuesday - 8m, 2m warm-up then 10 x 1' strides at 5:49/m w/1' rec. jog between each, warm-down to 8 miles...
Wednesday - 10m, good endurance run
Thursday - 5m, Great PM run, I have to start running outside more!
Friday - 8m, 2m warm-up then 3 x 8' @ 6:22/m pace w/3' rec. jog between each, warm-down to 8 miles...
Saturday - 5m, easy run
Sunday - 22.4m, Good long slow distance run.. felt sluggish to start but finished with gas left in the tank..

Weekly Total - 64.4 miles

Yearly total - 570 miles (1438 miles since 8/1/07)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Training Log 2/25 - 3/2

Monday - 7m, 15 minute warm-up, 10 x 20s strides then warm-down to 7 miles
Tuesday - 6m easy run
Wednesday - 7m, 2m warm-up then 3m @ tempo 6:18/m, 2 mile warm-down. This run felt great!
Thursday - am)5m, pm)8m
Friday - 7m
Saturday - 6m
Sunday - 15m, Great (albeit) slow run with Jon Beasley and Jeff Jones at Foster Park this afternoon. Very slippery and lots of mud in places. Ran the last two miles under 7:00 to finish strong. I almost kept going and went another 5 but decided against it for various reasons. This run only convinces me that it's a go for the ORRC Marathon in another 4 weeks. I'll put in consecutive 20+ milers in the next two weekends then race the Nutra Run on the 22nd and taper from there. I am experimenting with my taper a bit. I think my taper for LCFB marathon was a bit too long so I'm shortenting it up and see how it works.

Weekly Total - 68 miles

The weather this morning was GREAT! Over 50 degrees and sunny.. hopefully it will hold out for this afternoon and I can get out and run on the greenway.