Monday, February 25, 2008

Training Log 2/18-2/24

Monday - off
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - 3.5m, legs felt ok this monring so I hopped on the treadmill at lunch. Leg's still a bit sore but was able to get throuhg the run ok.
Thursday - 6m, Felt great today.
Friday - am)6m, off from work today so ran in the morning. pm) ran the same course as this morning, picked it up at mile 4 to see what I could run (6:15) other than that mile the run was very easy.
Saturday - am)10.4m, pm)4m
Sunday - 10m, ran with Jon out at Foster Park. Once you got out of the park, the path's were pretty snowy and slippery so it was slow going to the turnaround.

Weekly Total - 45.4

Normaly I would have taken this whole week off and recuperated from the marathon. I felt ok mid-week so why not start back up again? I have the motivation right now and don't want to lose the momentum of some consistant training. I'll wait until the end of next week before I decide whether or not to run a March 30th marathon. I feel compelled to get that 3:10 or better under my belt before I give up and start training for the shorter stuff.

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