Monday, February 18, 2008

Training Log 2/11 - 2/17

Monday - 4m
Tuesday - 5.5m, 2m warm-up then 8 x 25s strides w/1' rec. jog between each, warm-down to 5.5 miles..
Wednesday - 6m, 10 min. warm-up then 3 x 4' at 6:35/m pace w/2' rec. jog between each then 3 x 40s at 5:56/m pace w/1' rec, jog between each, warm-down to 6 miles..
Thursday - 4m
Friday - rest
Saturday - 2m, cruised 2 loops of marathon course.
Sunday - 26.2m Last Chance For Boston Marathon 3:23:52

Weekly Total - 47.7

Well, what can I say except I qualified for Boston. It rained all night Saturday and Sunday morning. I had a good dinner last night and a good breakfast at 5:00am of a bagel and a banana all the while getting in plenty of water and gatorade. About 5 minutes before the start the rain stopped and was clear for the entire race. The temp. to start the race was around 43, so the weather was perfect. The marathoners started .2m behind the finish line so the first mile split was 1.2 miles. The race strategy was going as planned, 1st mile was a little slow, 7:28, but I had to deal with a lot of people and didn't want to blast out of the gate. Mile's 2-18 were as follows, 7:09, 7:08, 7:06, 7:03, 7:10, 7:05, 7:12, 7:08, 7:07, 7:18, 7:07, 7:12, 7:02, 7:12, 7:11, 7:15, 7:28, then my calves started to tighten up and lock-up on me.. I walked for about a hundred yards and that seemed to help a bit. I had taken a Gu at miles 5, 10 and 15. I decided to go into damage control, I knew I had a built up a good cushion in order to qualify, so I told myself to keep moving. Miles 19-23, 7:35, 7:55(another GU), 9:30, 8:58, 9:13, I began to make the calculations in my head. Mile 24, 9:00 (3:02:49 at this point) so I have 27 minutes to run 2 miles, I can almost walk 2 miles in that time but decided to keep running as much as I can. Mile 25, 10:10... 1 more to go, Mile 26, 10:53 and a 3:23:52 marathon.. 7 minutes to spare.. Too close.. Not sure what happened, I had run four 20 milers in prep for this and never had the calf issue before, of course I wasn't averaging 7:05 miles either. I thought I really could pull off a 3:10. Oh well, back to the drawing board. The legs are a bit sore today, but I plan on trying to run a few miles tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest. I want to get right back into the swing of things by next week. I'm seriously considering running another marathon on March 30th, 6 weeks from now. I still want that 3:10 or better. I think I'll try substituting my Thursday stamina workouts with a strength building workout, either steady state runs or some hill workouts. I believe I have the stamina but lack a bit of leg strength.

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