Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Marathon Theory

Well, it's been a couple days and I'm already trying to theorize why my marathon didn't pan out like I wanted. The only reason I can fathom is this... the treadmill! I know it's a stretch, but in preparing for this marathon in Indiana with subzero temp's and unfavorable weather, the majority of all my run's since probably November have been on a treadmill with the exception of my long Sunday run's with Jon and company that were run outside. Could this be why my calves started locking up around mile 20? Maybe... I followed the marathon plan that Greg McMillan sent me almost to the letter. Using the marathon calculator he has and the most recent 5k race I did, my time should have been closer to 3:00. I get the same results using Daniels VDOT table as well. Things like this just frustrate me because I know I should have been able to run closer to my goal time. So what to do? Sign up for another marathon, right? Well.... I have another marathon on March 30th in Xenia,OH that I'm looking at right now. I'll see how my body recovers in these next couple of weeks and make a call then.


GZ said...

Well ... I agree with you that the treadmill is different. I don't have scientific proof of this but instead I feel (subjectively) that a 20 miler on the treadmill is easier than one on the roads. I know for a lot of folks, that does not make sense. They think the treadmill is much harder. Mentally, yes - the treadmill is harder but I think once you get past that, it is easier physically. It becomes easier just to keep up with the pace of the mill than maintaining that same pace outdoors. My nickel on that.

Second ... so much of the marathon is just timing. And I think some of that lends to luck. If you have a bad day (bad timing) with a 5K, you are off - what? 10-15 seconds? If you are off in the marathon you are off 15-30 minutes. Or more.

Lucho said...

Hey Ward-
Thanks for the good word in my regards. And in your regards- awesome job! Anytime you can achieve something (like a Boston qualification) on a bad day is great! I would say GZ is on to something in his comment. How was your nutrition? Cramps (as I'm sure you know) can be a sign of low electrolytes.
Nice work! What are your goals for Boston?
Cheers- Tim

Ward said...

gz - I hope bad timing was the only issue. The weather has seemed to ease up a bit here, now if I could grow a pair and start running outside more I think it would give me that little edge of confidence.
Lucho - What I neglected to mention in my race report is that along with the GU I took every five miles, I was alternating water/gatorade every mile starting at mile 3. I'm not a real heavy sweater and I knew the weather was almost ideal (43f) so I didn't want to overdue my intake and get bloated later in the race. I ate a good breakfast 3 hours before the race and a powerbar 1 hour before start time all the time drinking water and gatorade to wash everything down. So it's a mystery to me..

The main goal was to get into Boston 2009.. Goals... I'd like to be able to run a 2:55 or better. I have over a year to get there, so I don't think it's too big of a stretch for me. As long as I stay injury free and stay consistant in my training, I can get there.