Thursday, January 10, 2008

Training Log 12/31 - 1/6

Monday - 10m - Originally wanted to go 19, but started getting a blister around mile 8, so I stopped at 10 to minimize the damage.
Tuesday - 0m
Wednesday - 4.1m - Made it to the Gym late during lunch, Got in what I could in the time I had.
Thursday - 6m
Friday - 7m
Saturday - 5.5m - Easy run today in prep for tomorrows longer run.
Sunday - 20m - Great run today. Ran with Jon, Jed Pearson, Jeff Jones and Sam Bird. We ran two 5 mile out and back loops out at Foster Park. The plan was to run :45 - 1:00 slower than goal marathon pace for the first 14 then finish the last 6 at Goal marathon pace. Jon was the only one to hang with my for the entire 20. 1st 10 mile loop in 1:19:11 (7:55/m pace). We picked it up at the 14 mile point and Jon decided to back off because he's racing next weekend. The last three mile I think were all under 7:00/m, I felt great the entire time. The HR was around 159 starting at mile 17 and held it there to the finish. I can't be more thrilled about my progress at this point. If the marathon was next weekend, I would definitley qualify for Boston. My main goal now is to just stay injury free and I'll have a good one on February 17th.

Weekly Total - 52.6 miles

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