Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Training Log 11/19 - 11/25

Monday - 11m
Tuesday - 5m
Wednesday - 6m
Thursday - 10m
Friday - 8.3m
Saturday - 5m
Sunday - 13.84m
Ran with Jon Beasley starting at my house. Ran through Sycamore Hills and the Perimeter of the Chestnut Hills golf course cart path. More hills than I anticipated, left the legs a bit sore the following day but was still able get in 5 miles.

Week Total - 59m

*Decided sometime during the week that a late winter marathon is a go! Will attempt to run The Last Chance for Boston marathon in Dublion, OH. I tried this race back in 02' I think. That attempt was cut short at 15 miles because I just didn't have it that day. The race venue is quite unique. It's a 26 x 1 mile loop course, obviously very spectator friendly. On the downside, you're looking at the same scenery every mile and could get pretty monotonous. I really believe I have a much better running base now than I did back then. As long as the calf holds up and I don't slack on my training, then running a qualifying time (3:20:59) shouldn't be too difficult. I've already run a 1:33 half back in September on 30 miles per week, so now that I'm putting in over 50, the prospect of running a 3:20 looks good.

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